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maandag, 21 oktober 2013 18:28

MFC-Sprint5 & Kai Lenny's Race Fin

This is the presentation of our new SPRINT fin model developed together with Kai Lenny. After winning the Battle of the Paddle on September 30th 2013 in Dana Point, Kai won the final race of the year in Turtle Bay, on the North Shore of Oahu. Kai Lenny and MFC HAWAII are 2013 World Champion.

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woensdag, 30 januari 2013 00:00

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3 fin Thruster (2+1) SUPS
The fins of the 2+1 or Thruster SUP take the rigid stability of a classic longboard fin being the (1), and fuses with the strength and drive of a Tri-fin which in short means combined ability for carving turns and providing control and drive off the (2) side fins, hence 2+1
Changing the size of the side fins will loosen the board in waves , but it is the center fin which can truly transform the boards stability and performance.A large Center fin will make the board stable in flat water but harder to turn in waves, beginner paddlers will appreciate this in flat water or conditions where there maybe wind or chop but getting stuck into waves and trying to turn your brand new 11ft SUP can be challenging to say the least.
The noserider fin is a big beast making turning the board more difficult, but its size anchors the tail so if running to the nose to get your first HANG 5 or 10 is the idea , then look no further you’ll have to try very hard to bust it out for a intentional 360!

Lees meer op deze link: http://www.supgower.com/2011/03/changing-your-fins-performance/

Op deze link staat er ook heel veel info: http://www.supscoop.com/thescoop/selecting-the-correct-fin-setup-for-sups/

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