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dinsdag, 06 februari 2018 12:46

F-One foil

Mooie actie van HS2 op de F-One SUP Foil combo..

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vrijdag, 03 februari 2017 00:00

The front side top turn

Instructie video hoe je een "Top Turn" maakt, check it out...

The top turn is a manoeuvre that not only looks good but feels fantastic too. This week we are going to be looking at the frontside top turn, which on a good wave you will be likely to carry out several times on a wave. Performed directly after the bottom turn the top turn is designed to keep you close to the breaking section of the wave where there's more speed and power.

If you would like to see this video feature extended with more information visit SUPboarder Pro here https://www.supboardermag.com/pro/#ma...


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woensdag, 23 maart 2016 00:00


Mooie beelden, mooie actie:


This winter, my little paddle board and I went to Siagao in the Philippines.
This little island is beautiful, not only for the lagoon but also for the land with amazing colors, and of course for the people and their smile.
Salamat means thank you! Thanks Siargao for the amazing experience you gave us!

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maandag, 30 november 2015 00:00

Stand Up Paddle Portugal

Wave SUP in Portugal  in Cascais, mooie beelden . Check it....

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woensdag, 23 oktober 2013 08:57

Sessions Keahi de Aboitiz @ Indonesia Part 1

Top SUP wave actie: Part 1 of Keahi's recent SUP surfing trip to Indonesia this year.
He found the best place to keep out of the scorching tropical sun was in a sick Indo pit.
Needless to say he spent a lot of time in the shade .

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woensdag, 31 juli 2013 09:38


Vette wave actie compilatie opgenomen op de Canarische Eilanden, hoog adrenaline gehalte... geniet ervan.


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After having won the 2011 Kitesurf Wave World Championship, Airton Cozzolino is setting his sights even higher: he is trying to make his way in the SUP championships with the help of 3X Stand Up Paddling world champion Kenny Lai. In the third episode, Airton and Kai do all the fun activities available in Maui: SUP, surfing, Jet Skis, Skateboarding, canoe paddling and.. Hawaiian barbecue! The Sunset contest is getting closer and Airton is finally ready to compete.


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woensdag, 29 mei 2013 13:47

Caio Vaz Ubatuba Pro 2013

Wave SUP op z'n best met: Art in Surf team rider Caio Vaz during the 2nd stop on the Stand Up World Tour.

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maandag, 20 mei 2013 09:51

InfinitySURF Infinity SUP

Infinity SUP's versatile SUP surf model the TL. The "Team Label" is the team's favorite for all around high performance. You can see that the board is very maneuverable, fast, and can even ride the nose. Designed, tested, and approved by our SUP team Slater Trout, Dave Boehne,CD Kinley, Patrice Chanzy, Jason Kenworthy, and Brent Pascoe.


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vrijdag, 17 mei 2013 00:00

North, SUP in Euskadi

Knappe SUP actie uit Baskenland, cleane golven hopelijk kunnen we binnenkort ook nog eens genieten van wat swell! Enjoy...

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