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donderdag, 18 juli 2019 00:00

Naish 2020 SUP gear online

De nieuwe NAish 2020 SUP website is online. Mooi overzicht van alle boards en alle foils.


Check it op: https://www.naishsurfing.com/naish-stand-up-paddling-2020-welcome-to-our-world/


Video van de 2020 SUP Range

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maandag, 23 juli 2018 00:00

Naish 2019 SUP is online

Aloha From Naish!
Every session has a beginning and an end. And while the end goal may vary, your time on the water is priceless. 
Introducing the Naish Stand Up Paddling line for 2019. Offering a huge range of shapes for surfing, foiling, cruising, racing and exploring, each product is designed to bring out the very best in every session. 
Whether your goal is to relax, explore, tame waves or win, we shape the tools to keep you stoked on along the journey. So what are you waiting for? Head out, and live boldly!


Check de nieuwe 2019 website: https://www.naishsurfing.com

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March 18, 2018, Hirtshals, Denmark – Entering the icy waters at 1 AM with his Naish Maliko 14’0”, Casper Steinfath set off for redemption with the Viking Crossing 2.0.

After his first attempt in February 2017, completing the Viking Crossing is considered the greatest accomplishment for the four time ISA World Champion. He became the first in the world to paddle 147 kilometers (91.3 miles) across the Skagerrak Strait between Denmark and Norway. Three days after his body is still broken down..

Casper walks like an old man his arms are dead and his legs hurt. In fact his whole body hurts.

But the 24-year-old Danish Viking Casper Steinfath is happy, proud and powered up with long-lasting dopamine after he wrote history Sunday evening when he finally put his feet on Norwegian soil after 18 hours and 30 minutes of paddling from Hirtshals in Denmark to Kristiansand in Norway on his Naish Maliko.

“Crossing the wild Skagerrak as the first person ever on a SUP is something I am very proud of. It definitely took everything out of me to fulfill this dream of mine. But it feels really nice to be back home in Cold Hawaii again reflecting over the journey with family and friends,” said Casper, safely back in Cold Hawaii three days after the trip.


lees meer hier.......

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donderdag, 31 augustus 2017 08:41

NAISH Stand Up Paddling 2018

Naish heeft z'n 2018 SUP collectie online gezet, er staat heel wat moois op en een groot aanbod aan SUP FOIL. Check it out.... http://www.naishsurfing.com/




A testament to the collaboration between passionate athletes and engineers, our 2018 line is a product of thoughtful development, rigorous testing and meticulous engineering.

We envision how your gear should feel under your feet and in your hands and perfect it for performance and function. Our products are designed to work with you, seamlessly and intuitively, so that you can find your natural movement on the water.

For 2018, we are proud to launch the brand new Thrust Surf foil and Hover foilboards, designed for a broad range of riders and uses. The Quest Series features quality constructions that are lightweight, durable and affordable with shapes for wave riding, touring, yoga and more. Representing an ongoing partnership with the best riders in the world, the Maliko Carbon Series continues to deliver better stability, chop-piercing performance and a smooth glide. Back for its second year, the Mad Dog Carbonstrikes an excellent balance between stability and responsiveness, appealing to riders looking for heightened performance in a more accessible format. Our paddles continue to evolve through our collaborative efforts with the world's top paddlers to design paddles that meet the performance demands of professionals and weekend warriors alike.

At Naish, our unwavering commitment to the sport we love is evident in our pursuit to create the best products for your ocean adventure. Whether you are pushing your limits or simply chasing a smile, welcome to the 2018 Naish Stand Up Paddling Collection!

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Designed to create exceptional lift at low speeds and with minimal effort, the Thrust Surf foil is a great fit for foilsurfing or downwind foiling. This low aspect-ratio foil set features an extra long fuselage for a sizeable sweet spot and great stability. Tremendously versatile, the extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system and comes premium padded cover to protect your foil. 

Veiw the Thrust Surf HERE»

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Developed for surf, downwind or open ocean swell-foiling, the Hover foilboards fit any 4-bolt foil setup with two 10” US boxes. Short and wide, the Hover is the ideal shape for foiling for its stable platform that is easy to control while foiling. Featuring an additional fin boxes, the Hover 95, 120 and 120 Crossover can all be ridden as normal SUP surfboards.

Veiw the Hover Foilboards HERE»

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Designed with accessibility in mind, the Quest Series features a broad range of incredibly stable shapes ideal for a wide variety of conditions, experience levels and riding styles. Constructed with an advanced, high-temperature molding process, Quest boards are lightweight and durable. Shaped for performance with optimized stability, Quests are an ideal fit for the full range of skill levels.

View the Quest HERE»

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Grown out of the success of its predecessors, the Maliko 12'6" and 14’0” Carbon continue to evolve to become even faster and more forgiving than ever before. For 2018, the rocker has been tuned to better engage bumps during downwind runs resulting in faster acceleration and higher top speed. Additionally, the bevel in the nose has been moved back towards the center of the board, for a smooth-gliding shape that offers more volume, greater stability and the chop-eating efficiency needed for changing open-water conditions.

View the Maliko Carbon HERE»

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Positioned between the accessible Hokua GTW and wider Hokua X32 series, Mad Dog Carbon boards are characterized by their significant volume and low profile rails. At 29” wide, these high-performance wave boards strike an excellent balance between stability and responsiveness and appeal to riders looking for heightened performance in a more accessible format. With the addition of the 8’11” for 2018, the Mad Dog Carbon reaches an even wider range of users.

View the Mad Dog Carbon HERE»

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From beginner to elite, surfing to touring, there is something for everyone and every condition in the 2018 paddle collection. Striking the perfect balance between durability, (light)weight and flex, each paddle is tuned for peak performance for specific conditions. With the addition of the new Hydro Seal and streamlined, single notch design, vario paddles are now more watertight and buoyant for quick, perfectly aligned shaft adjustments without complication. Each handle for the entire line features an ergonomic shape that delivers a more comfortable and secure grip. 


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vrijdag, 02 juni 2017 07:53

Naish NISCO Tour Belgium 2017

Ben je een fervent supper? Of sup je graag en zou je wel eens een wedstrijd willen meedoen op recreatief niveau? Dan is de N1SCO tour wel iets voor jou!!
Elke wedstrijd wordt de hoofdprijs geloot met een tombola, de parcours zijn aangepast aan iedereen op welk niveau ook!!
Je hebt geen board nodig, want iedereen staat op hetzelfde board en die voorzien wij voor jullie!
check et ut!!! IEDEREEN WELKOM!!

Meer info volgt...


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zaterdag, 13 mei 2017 00:00

Naish 2018 Thrust Surf foil

Naish komt voor 2018 uit met enkele SUP foil nieuwigheden. Specifieke Sup Wave Foil boards en foils met hoger aspect ratio waardoor je op lagere snelheid meer lift krijgt.


In a continuing collaboration with Kai Lenny and Naish’s talented team of designers, we are stoked to unveil the 2018 Thrust Surf foil.

Versatility is embeded in this revolutionary new design and can be ridden in a wide range of disciplines. With its low aspect wing that provides great lift at low speed, this foil is great for surf, downwind and even windsurf foiling. While the mast comes with our new 4-bolt base plate, the Thrust Surf foil adapts to fit any style box with ease.

Along with the foil Naish is also launching several new boards in both SUP and surfboard shapes. The Hover crossover will be the ultimate do-it all board. Coming in a user friendly shape for foil SUP, SUP, foil windsurfing, and regular windsurfing!

The Naish team has been busy producing the next generation of foils and all very excited to share the experience. Designed and tested on Maui, the Thrust Surf foil performs amazingly well in an incredible range of waves and conditions. Discover the unlimited possibilities that foiling allows with the new Naish Thrust Surf foil. Coming soon to a Naish dealer near you!


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vrijdag, 10 maart 2017 15:30

Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog

... SUPBOARDMAG heeft een video gemaakt die hun eerste stappen op de NAish Malolo Foil beschrijft.... volhouden!. Mijn  WAVE SUP Foil setje van F-One is onderweg... binnenkort zelf proberen.


Following on from the boat tow session and the downwind session with the Naish Malolo, Will and Reuben from SUPboarder went off in search of waves to give their first SUP surf foil session a go. The conditions were far from perfect on the day due to high winds but they found a small waist to chest high swell to get up on the foil for the first time. From zero to definitely not hero, Will found riding the foil in surf challenging, but the progression was quite quick. We hope you find the video blog of his first SUP surf foil session interesting, educational and a good laugh!

Reuben said : I was filming today and I really enjoyed watching (and laughing! ) But it does make you realise how safety conscious you have to be with a foil in the surf, with or without others in the line up. We went to a very quiet beach and the 3 surfers that were out knew what we were doing (and they enjoyed the laughs too). Most of the time Will was on his own peak well away from others, as you can see in the vid. A helmet is essential especially when in windy conditions. These foils are amazing pieces of kit but they need to be used with caution. You don't need big waves, but as Will found out, foot placement is paramount! Watching the nailings from the beach was just as much fun as watching him get up on the foil for the first time. Sorry for the shaky camera, it's hard to hold the camera steady when you are crying so much!! :-).

Watch the Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog – # 1 First downwinding session https://www.supboardermag.com/2017/02...

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dinsdag, 24 januari 2017 07:22


Mooie wave SUP actie van Naish rider Bernd Roedinger in Australië, met dit winters beeld een mooie droom....


Sea, turquoise liquid fades to a deep purple expanse as the evening light fades. An aromatic fragrance drifts through the senses, held aloft by the gentle western winds, Eucalyptus . Sun, the ancient seed, buried once more in the dirt that thirsts, for the coolness of night. Magnanimous time turns the stars above, me and my best friends walk home after a long day of fun, the Southern Cross crests the horizon. There's too much to say about this place, about, AUSTRALIA!

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donderdag, 10 november 2016 07:41


Introducing the SUP Domestic Racer Program


=> Locale Naish riders gezocht:

Just in time for the holidays, Naish is making it even easier to get your hands on that top-of-the-line race board you’ve been eyeing.

Introducing the SUP Domestic Racer Program. For a limited time*, everyone from the most dedicated racers to entry level race enthusiasts are invited to take advantage of special team rider pricing on the most coveted elite race equipment**. Join the best athletes in the world—like Kai Lenny and Casper Steinfath—in riding these expertly engineered shapes and maximize the power behind your every stroke.

Participation is simple. Those interested need only fill out the online form to be contacted by their local Naish rep.

Click HERE to take your riding to the next level »


*ORDER MUST BE PLACED BY January 1st, 2017. Sign-up while supplies last.
**Exclusions apply. See website for details.
For more program info, visit: naishsup.com/sup-domestic-racer-program/

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dinsdag, 04 oktober 2016 00:00

The Power of Choice | NAISH SUP 2017

Overzicht van de nieuwe Naish 2017 SUP's. Heel wat moois in het aanbod...


At Naish, we know it’s not enough to have a sizeable selection—it’s about having the right selection, so you can make the most of every moment on the water. With the new Quest Series, new constructions, fine-tuned paddles, a SUP foil and much more, you’ll find the best option for any variety of condition, skill set or budget.

When it comes to SUP, quality of choice matters and Naish goes the extra mile—in shaping, construction and materials—to create products that deliver peak performance. Get the most out of every session; choose Naish, for the ride of your life.


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