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dinsdag, 24 januari 2017 07:22


Mooie wave SUP actie van Naish rider Bernd Roedinger in Australië, met dit winters beeld een mooie droom....


Sea, turquoise liquid fades to a deep purple expanse as the evening light fades. An aromatic fragrance drifts through the senses, held aloft by the gentle western winds, Eucalyptus . Sun, the ancient seed, buried once more in the dirt that thirsts, for the coolness of night. Magnanimous time turns the stars above, me and my best friends walk home after a long day of fun, the Southern Cross crests the horizon. There's too much to say about this place, about, AUSTRALIA!

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donderdag, 25 augustus 2016 19:43

AZORES Atlantide vibes

Mooie video van de "Serial Lovers" reeks: This is the Season 4 , Ep 4 of the 2016 "Serial Lovers", The Lovers WebSerie featuring Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat exploring Azores #part2 Outer island.

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vrijdag, 10 juni 2016 16:54

8 Days In Iceland

A Stand Up Paddle and Kiteboarding delight.
Roadtrip movie of our 8 day trip around Iceland's ring road.

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dinsdag, 31 mei 2016 07:25

Exploring New Caledonia

A short movie about Watergirls Maria Andres and Lena Erdil exploring New Caleldonias main Island and the Islands Lifou and Isle of Pines.

With the Windsurfing World Cup scheduled for the end of November in Noumea, María Andrés and Lena Erdil decided to head to New Caledonia early and explore this beautiful country whilst preparing for the last world cup event of the year.

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is obviously a very exotic destination. But what is amazing is not only the colors, the vegetation, the clear waters or the waves. The atmosphere in New Caledonia is unique for many other reasons, with this short clip we hope to share some of the amazing New Cal vibes with all of you!!

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woensdag, 06 januari 2016 13:24

Stand up paddle in Java

Top wave actie, vanuit Java, check it!

French stand up paddlers Remi Quique & Ben Carpentier surf in West Java.

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vrijdag, 11 april 2014 16:06

Costa Verde Sup Sessions

Riding waves in Peru!...


Rider: Gonzalo Iglesias 
Sups: Starboard 8'0" / Naish: Nalu 9'0" - Hokua 8'3" LE / JP 7'4" x 31"
Camara: Ale Brun
Musica: Lantern - Motorama

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maandag, 24 maart 2014 12:13

My Perfect Barrel in Costa Rica

Check dit mooie filmpje van een SUPer die opzoek is naar de perfecte golven, op z'n site kan je ook heel wat reisverhalen lezen.... http://www.torellys.com/


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maandag, 25 november 2013 10:23

TripSUP 2.0

Een handige tool om je SUP , paddle en enkele accessoires mee te nemen naar het strand. Bekijk de demo video :  http://www.samiandbro.com/index.php/tripsup

TRIPSUP is created and designed to carry the SUP board (Stand Up Paddle).
Made with polyester and velcro straps makes TRIPSUP an easy choice to transport the board and the paddle until the place of leisure.
Due to the weight and size of the board, it has incorporated a shoulder pad to cushion the weight and rubbing in direct contact with the skin.
For convenience it has added a bag to put other elements as the least, bottle of water, a pair of sandals or a simple towel, so you will not need to use other bags or backpacks.
The used materials allow you a fast cleaning and exposure to sun and water without deterioration of colors and product properties

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vrijdag, 30 augustus 2013 07:33

Keahi de Aboitiz Road Trip

Traveling south from his home in Noosa Heads,Keahi finds some fun waves along the way.
Showing just how progressive SUP has become,he gets some pits and smacks some lips in an impressive display of surfing.He even goes flying...

Filmed & Edited : Daniel O'Sullivan
Music: Andy Bull - Baby I'm nobody now

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donderdag, 22 augustus 2013 07:34

Dave Kalama - Stand Up Travelling - Ep.3

In the Final episode, the crew arrives in Fiji, makes their way to Namotu Island and proceeds to surf perfect waves. Every Day. All Day.
They score everything from overhead barrels to playful sunset sessions.
A well rounded trip, or as Dave Kalama sums up the experience half-way through:
"I'm a little low energy after the last couple of days and how much surf we've had, but it's Cloudbreak, so you gotta go. See you up there!"

catch all Episodes:

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