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The definitive guide to paddle length Speciaal

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Geschreven door  07 januari 2013
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Nog wat info over de lengte van de paddle:

I’ll start by stating that there is no such a controversial and at the same time difficult gear selection in Stand Up Paddle than the paddle length. Period.

At the end the right paddle length is that that works for you, it’s a personal issue, but let’s have a look at how can you get to that right measure, from different points of view.

Everything starts when I began to realise that my paddle was limiting my progress: it’s too stiff, the blade too big, and the shaft too long, or so it seems to me. I realised that because when having to apply maximum power at critical moments like a late take off, or when I’m too tired, the excesive paddle length forced too much my injured right shoulder. So I began to analyse what was the right paddle length before buying a new one, arriving to “The Definitive Guide for choosing your SUP paddle lenght”.

Meer info op deze link.......

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