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vrijdag, 05 juli 2013 00:00

Patrice CHANZY In SUP Surf Evolution

Knappe beelden van F-One team rider Patrice Chanzy, must see...

SomeWhere in Da Pacific Patrice CHANZY Surf in Stand Up Paddle Surf, a perfect wave in the pacific. Paradise, so fish, perfect wave, long tube, water so clear. Push the headphone volume for appreciate Music.
Tube in Paddle Surf, Radical turn & Roller. Patrice Chanzy the waterman Water-Patrol for Billabong Pro.
Edited & Underwater-shots by Tim PRUVOST, Additionnal Footages Eric SCHNITZLER, Music by Loren CROSS, Mixed at Studio 540 Mahina Tahiti. Thanks to Tim Mc KENNA.

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donderdag, 16 mei 2013 00:00

F-One team @ Donkey's Island

Knappe actie foto's en verslag van de laatste F-One international team uitstap naar Donkey's Island, een mix van SUP en wave kite.... enjoy and dream.

bekijk en lees het verslag op deze link: http://donkeyisland.f-onekites.com/en/

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Na de eerste SUP wedstrijd van het seizoen, iSUP.be Belgian Open, was het F-One Benelux niet ontgaan dat Twins Club local Lars Velthof, 17 jaar, 4e overall en eerste junior een mooi resultaat neerzette tussen de 15 deelnemers van de Belgian Open Beach Race.  Vandaar dat we Lars willen steunen met de nodige boards en paddles voor de aankomende wave en race wedstrijden in België.

Lars zal  de Peak Full Carbon paddle in combinatie met de Manawa 9  en Madeiro 8’3 boards gebruiken tijdens de wave wedstrijden en de Battle Full carbon paddle in combinatie met de Race 12’6 tijdens de Beach Race wedstrijden.

We wensen Lars een succesvol SUP seizoen.

F-One Benelux.

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vrijdag, 15 maart 2013 07:10

F-One caribbean holidays

The spring impression short left in this month of March due to this cold weather which is back to remind us that winter is not over yet. Do you have an idea to solution this problem? Exploring new spots! Inspired by the research of the most beautiful wave, our riders went to the Caribbean to make you dream and kindle your sense of adventure!

Conditions have been there and their find was exquisite: white sand, heat and waves! Mitu, Micka and Raph took advantage of these great waves to offer us breathtaking images. They are transporting us into this dreamlike universe where landscapes were sumptuous, water glassy and waves like drawn ... It remains only to eat them! But be careful as this spot where incredible huge corals are covering the ground ... rigor is required but the delight of surfing these waves is only tenfold. The Madeiro and Anakao under the arm for riding in all wave conditions and off you go for sessions until sunset!

The mood and atmosphere are very special here as on land and as on water. This mix of cultures and nationalities was rich in discoveries and peppered their journey. But what can we tell about the rich fauna? Stand-up surfing in the middle of whales and dolphins is not given to everyone at this time. The vivid colors of fish around them, visible to the naked eye under the transparent water feasted every day! They returned plenty of waves in mind and full of memories they will keep in mind for a long time. Playing the F-ONE adventurer is a story! Pictures speak for themselves and take us with them in the tubes ... just fantastic!

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vrijdag, 04 januari 2013 08:13

F-ONE 2013 Sup collection

F-One heeft voor 2013 z'n SUP's aangepast en het aanbod verder uitgebreid met enkele nieuwe boards. De Manawa boards zin lichtjes aangepaste, wat smaller geworden en uitgebreid met een een nieuwe 9'6. Tevens is de Madeiro reeks uitgebreid met de nieuwe 8'6 en zijn alle boards voorzien van 5 vinkasten zodat je zelf de vin setup kan kiezen ( Thruster of Quad) .

Bij de RACE boards is er een compactere 11' bijgekomen, De Anakao reeks is ook uitgebreid en de inflatebles zijn ook verder aangevuld met enkele nieuwe modellen.

Een overzicht kan je hier krijgen: http://issuu.com/f-one/docs/sup_range_2013_en

2013 cataloog hier: http://issuu.com/kite2high/docs/f-one_sup_2013_en

Bezoek de F-One SUP website hier: http://www.f-onesup.com/

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woensdag, 26 september 2012 07:27

F-One Matira inflatable SUP's

F-One heeft zijn SUP aanbod uitgebreid met 3 opblaasbare SUP's . De Matira is verkrijgbaar in 8'6x30.5 / 9'6x32 / 10'6x33.

We are more than happy to present you this new range composed of 3 boards: 8'6, 9'6 and 10'6.

With an attractive price (from 849€), this board is the solution for everyone who will be always stopped by the massive size of standard SUP's. Packed, it won't be bigger than a big kite.

Directly inspired from the MANAWA bamboo shape, MATIRA is also a accessible and competitive board that doesn't have nothing to envy to standard SUP's. The DROP STITCH technology and the important thickness of the 10'6 (6 inch) confer the best rigidity.

Perfect for schools and rental, MATIRA resists to any kind of impacts and scratches. Equipped with molded or removable fins, they are safe and unbreakable.

All boards are composed of a SUP, transport bag and pump.

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