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maandag, 04 februari 2013 00:00

Sunset Beach Pro 2013: Feb 6th to 15th

2013 will be a very exciting year in the SUP world! It will also

be the terrain for exceptional battles for the wave world title,

a title that Leco Salazar might have a hard time keeping but

will have all the motivation in the world to do so! We think that 

his main opponents in 2013 will be Kai Lenny, multiple time world 

champion, but also Sean Poynter who came very close to the title

in 2012.

We could also bet on guys like Keahi de Aboitiz, Antoine Delpero,

Colin Mac Philipps... only if they make it to all the events!

In all cases, they will have to start the year strong during the first 

stop of the tour. We saw in the past that Sunset can be a determining

stop in the tour... The answer from February 6 to 15!

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vrijdag, 25 januari 2013 07:03

2013 SUP Race Calendar

Een overzicht van de 2013 race events:

2013 is going to be a busy year....Here is a first overview of the SUP Races, with focus on Europe (plus the Stand Up World Series), with more event info to follow. Your event is missing? Send us the info to info(at)sup-guide.com


01/26/2013 (DE) German Indoor Championships

02/23/2013 (PE) ISA World Games Peru
02/17/2013 (FR) Howzit Cold Water Race, France : Beach Race *
03/24/2013 (FR) Hobie City Race
03/30/2013 (US) Florida State Championships, Cocoa Beach
04/20/2013 (FR) Jade Paddle Race, France : Long Distance 12’6 (Eurosupa) 
04/25/2013 (AT) Surf Worldcup Podersdorf (until 05/4/2013) SUP Racing tbc
04/26/2013 (ES) Port Adriano SUP Race, Spain : Long Distance **** Elite 12’6
05/04/2012 (DE) SUP Steinlechner-Cup/Utting, Ammersee (Test/Clinic/Sprint&Long Distance Race)
05/12/2013 (DE) SUP Beach Race/surf-Festival, Ostsee
05/18/2013 (NL) Battle of the Coast, Holland : Beach Race * Eurosupa
05/18/2013  (FR) North Point SUP Classic, France : Beach Race * Eurosupa
05/19/2013 (DE) SUP Sunday/Wustrow, Ostsee (Sprint Race/Beach Race)
05/20/2013 (DE) SUP Monday/Wustrow, Ostsee (Test/Clinic/Tour)
05/25/2013 (FR) St. Maxime SUP Race CUP
05/27/2013 (DE) LOST Mills until 06/02/2013 ******
06/7/2013 (ES) Bikingo Eguna, Spain (Eurosupa, tbc)
06/08/2013 (FR) Oleron, France: Stand Up World Tour
06/08/2013 (DE) German Championships, Cologne
06/14/2013 (DE) Hamburg, Stand Up World Tour
06/22/2013 (BE) Happy Summer Namur International SUP Race, Belgium :  Eurosupa Long Distance Elite 14′ – ***** Stars
06/22/2013  (DE) boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See/Düsseldorf (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
06/23/2013  (DE) boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See/Düsseldorf (Test/Clinic/Long  Distance)
06/28/2013 (BVI) HIHO HIHO Adventure Race & US$10000 Painkiller Cup (until 07/06)
06/29/2013 (FR) Massilia SUP Race
06/29/2013 (DE) 3. Nalani Müggelsee SUP Race/Berlin (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
06/30/2013 (DE) 3. Nalani Müggelsee SUP Race/Berlin (Test/Clinic /Long Distance)
06/29/2013 (FR) Massilia SUP Race
07/21/2013 (US) Maui Stand Up World Tour
07/26/2013 (IT) Italia Surf Expo, Italy : Eurosupa Beach Race (Stars tbc)
08/3/2013 (DE) Hamburger SUP Contest/Oortkatensee (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
08/04/2013 (DE) Hamburger SUP Contest/Oortkatensee (Test/Clinic/Long Distance)
08/10/2013 (DE) SUP Terrassenhof-Cup/Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee (Test/Clinic/Tour/Sprint Race)
08/11/2013 (DE) SUP Terrassenhof-Cup/Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee (Test/Clinic/Tour/Long Distance) 
08/24/2013 (DE) Biggesee SUP Days/Sonderner Kopf (Test/Clinic/Tour/Sprint Race)
08/25/2013 (DE) Biggesee SUP Days/Sonderner Kopf (Test/Clinic/Tour /Long Distance)
08/24/2013 (US) Chicago: Stand Up World Tour
08/26/2013 (FR) Howzit Summer Beach Race, France : Beach Race 1 star
08/30/2013 (AT) Austrian Championships
09/01/2013 (CH) Silvaplana SUP Race
09/04/2013 (NL) Eleven City Tour
09/20/2013 (IT) Rome Event One, Italy : Beach Race (date and stars tbc)
09/21/2013 (DE) SUP Nordbad Contest/Tutzing, Starnberger See (Test/Sprint Race/Long Distance)
09/28/2013 (US) Huntington Beach Stand Up World Tour 
10/05/2013 (DE) SUP Chiemsee Insel-Marathon (Test/Clinic/ Long Distance)
11/11/2013 (US) Turtle Bay Finals Stand Up World Tour
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