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woensdag, 29 oktober 2014 00:00

la Torche Pro event highlights

Video samenvatting van de hoogtepunten van het event...


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donderdag, 23 oktober 2014 00:00

2014 La Torche Pro France

Vanaf zaterdag 25 oktober start de La Torche Pro, dit is steeds de laatste wave wedstrijd van de Pro Tour. Hier zullen dus de titels uitgedeeld worden. Wij zijn aanwezig op het event en zullen dagelijks updates en foto's posten. Alle info over event kan je hier vinden:


World Titles to be decided at the 2014 La Torche Pro France

It has been an epic battle so far this year, with Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) definitely having the momentum at the Opening two stops on Tour, not only securing 2 bullet wins, but a victory in Hawaii which is always one of the toughest, not to mention a victory at home in Brazil.

However Kai Lenny (Naish) found his form through stops 3 & 4, winning both the wave pool event in Abu Dhabi, but also more recently, the Huntington Beach Pro, in one of the most fiercely contested events yet.

That leaves them 2 event wins each, with Kai sitting with a slight advantage coming into the Final holding a 2nd as his third result, and Caio a 3rd. What does this mean? It means it will all come down to this climactic final event to decide the 2014 World Champion as Kai Lenny and Caio Vaz will go head to head one last time this year for the Crown and the glory.

Make sure to watch it all go down LIVE at: watermanleague.com


De officile event site:   http://www.twenty-nine.com/latorcheprofrance/



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woensdag, 08 oktober 2014 00:00

MexiCali | The Vaz Brothers

A Short Trip Film about our trip to California for the Huntington Beach Pro 2014 .

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vrijdag, 19 september 2014 00:00

Pendleboard project

This is the worlds first half epoxy & half inflatable surfboard invented in Mauritius by Mat Pendle (patent pending). It’s making SUP more accessible, convenient and fun. It rides like a regular board.


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dinsdag, 16 september 2014 00:00

Blue Zone SUP - Dukes of Hazzard inspired

We hope you enjoy Blue Zone SUP's latest video creation with footage of 3x ASP World Champion Colin McPhillips & friends here in Costa Rica having a blast. The BZSUP crew had a great time with this group & we're looking forward to doing it again really soon.

Blue Zone SUP is a luxury SUP retreat in Costa Rica's 'Blue Zone' which is blessed with incredibly consistent surf, lots of wave variety & incredible food. If you are interested in coming to visit be prepared for warm water, a massive increase in your SUP surfing ability and most likely the best week of your year. Visit www.bluezonesup.com or send an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. if you would like to learn more.

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zondag, 07 september 2014 00:00

On Any Windy Day

Dat het niet altijd clean moet zijn bewijst Justin Holland in deze video. Respect....

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zondag, 31 augustus 2014 00:00

Laird Shoots Pier

Vette swelll in California, ideale condities voor Laird Hamilton om door de benen van de plaatselijke pier te varen.


Amazing Pictures of the day https://www.flickr.com/photos/2376201...

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dinsdag, 26 augustus 2014 00:00


Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat cruising some Indonesian islands with Leo Etienne and Bertrand Fleury.

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zondag, 17 augustus 2014 00:00

The Find - The Vaz Brothers

De VAZ broertjes hebben weeral een zeer knappe wave SUP video gemaakt, check it out en enjoy...

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dinsdag, 12 augustus 2014 00:00

The Rides We Love: NOA GINELLA

Sup in the Tube, check it out....

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