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dinsdag, 14 maart 2017 08:24

F-ONE SUP - MOEMOEA (The dream )

Ladies and Gentlemen
Get ready to dream with your eyes open
Presenting MOEMOEA "The Dream"


There are so many things we can dream about, but there is one dream which comes back in a lot of SUPers' minds.
Palm trees, white sandy beach, chear blue water and perfectly shaped waves.

MOEMOEA has combined all the elements to present the 2017 F-ONE SUP Collection.

Mesmerized, Aude falls into a deep sleep which takes her to the different amazing sessions her friends and her have SUPing.

Nature is our playground and the movie shows it well.

Poe rips, Patrice tubes and Aude cruises in style.

We are in 2017, it's time to make your dreams come true.
So get out there and start SUPing

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maandag, 27 februari 2017 00:00

Wedstijden 2017

Tom heeft een overzicht gemaakt van alle wedstrijden voor het 2017 SUP seizoen.

Wij organiesren samen met Twins Club terug het BK wave, de voorziene waihing period is :  13-14/05 + 20-21/05 + 3-5/06

Binnenkort meer info oiver het 2017 BK WAVE

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vrijdag, 03 februari 2017 00:00

The front side top turn

Instructie video hoe je een "Top Turn" maakt, check it out...

The top turn is a manoeuvre that not only looks good but feels fantastic too. This week we are going to be looking at the frontside top turn, which on a good wave you will be likely to carry out several times on a wave. Performed directly after the bottom turn the top turn is designed to keep you close to the breaking section of the wave where there's more speed and power.

If you would like to see this video feature extended with more information visit SUPboarder Pro here https://www.supboardermag.com/pro/#ma...


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dinsdag, 24 januari 2017 07:22


Mooie wave SUP actie van Naish rider Bernd Roedinger in Australië, met dit winters beeld een mooie droom....


Sea, turquoise liquid fades to a deep purple expanse as the evening light fades. An aromatic fragrance drifts through the senses, held aloft by the gentle western winds, Eucalyptus . Sun, the ancient seed, buried once more in the dirt that thirsts, for the coolness of night. Magnanimous time turns the stars above, me and my best friends walk home after a long day of fun, the Southern Cross crests the horizon. There's too much to say about this place, about, AUSTRALIA!

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woensdag, 28 december 2016 08:05

La Niña

Wave actie van de Franse Delphine's , eye candy!


Check it out...

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vrijdag, 28 oktober 2016 10:21

Laird Hamilton en SUP foil

Laird Hamilton in actie op een SUP Foil, stijlvol zoals altijd...

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dinsdag, 18 oktober 2016 00:00


Mooie stijlvolle video van Delphine Macaire, enjoy...

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donderdag, 25 augustus 2016 19:43

AZORES Atlantide vibes

Mooie video van de "Serial Lovers" reeks: This is the Season 4 , Ep 4 of the 2016 "Serial Lovers", The Lovers WebSerie featuring Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat exploring Azores #part2 Outer island.

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dinsdag, 19 juli 2016 10:15

Stand Up Paddle FOIL Surfing in Hawaii

SUPFoil actie, de trend is niet meer te stoppen...

Zane Schweitzer test's out some new equipment with Jeffery & Finn Spencer right at home.
Starboard SUP & GOFOIL have teamed unto create the innovative and futuristic surf craft on the planet!

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Knappe video met mooie drone beelden, check it...

The " Three " things you should know that went into making this clip...
Geoff Breen, Dogman and Jackson Close are three amigos
There are three fins on a thruster.
Three legs on a tripod helps it stand.
And a drone, a controller, and a Keahi de Aboitiz makes three.
Three is a magic number.

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