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The Power of Choice | NAISH SUP 2017 Speciaal

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Geschreven door  04 oktober 2016
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Overzicht van de nieuwe Naish 2017 SUP's. Heel wat moois in het aanbod...


At Naish, we know it’s not enough to have a sizeable selection—it’s about having the right selection, so you can make the most of every moment on the water. With the new Quest Series, new constructions, fine-tuned paddles, a SUP foil and much more, you’ll find the best option for any variety of condition, skill set or budget.

When it comes to SUP, quality of choice matters and Naish goes the extra mile—in shaping, construction and materials—to create products that deliver peak performance. Get the most out of every session; choose Naish, for the ride of your life.


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