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zondag, 27 oktober 2013 07:26


Mooie shortboard SUP actie van down under. Geniet van de golven en de krabben.

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woensdag, 23 oktober 2013 08:57

Sessions Keahi de Aboitiz @ Indonesia Part 1

Top SUP wave actie: Part 1 of Keahi's recent SUP surfing trip to Indonesia this year.
He found the best place to keep out of the scorching tropical sun was in a sick Indo pit.
Needless to say he spent a lot of time in the shade .

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vrijdag, 11 oktober 2013 08:19

La Torche 2013 Pro

La Torche Pro 2013 van 26/10 tot 3/11.Pointe de la Torche - Plomeur (France)

Lun 28/10: 9h - 18h > FIN DES TRIALS ou DÉBUT MAIN EVENT / La Torche

Mar 29/10 : 9h - 18h > Main Event / LA TORCHE PRO FRANCE

Mer 30/10 : 9h - 18h > Main Event / La Torche

Jeu 31/10 : 9h - 18h > Main Event / La Torche

Ven 01/11 : 9h - 18h > Main Event / La Torche

Sam 02/11 : 13h > CITY RACE / Odet - DÉPART / Sainte-Marine - ARRIVÉE / Quimper

Dim 03/11
9h - 15h > BEACH RACE / La Torche
16h30 > REMISE PRIX / La Torche


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maandag, 30 september 2013 17:43

Few Days of Fun

This little vid was filmed over a couple of days on the Gold Coast had some fun little waves riding the Naish Hokua LE 8'0, thank you Naish Australia and Surf fx loving the boards they are EPIC!!, and also thank you Brendan Smith and Corey MIlls for filming.

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dinsdag, 17 september 2013 08:06

SUP Smooth

Stijl voor alle leeftijden, enkele vrienden die weten wat dit wil zeggen. Check it out, nice edit.

Bekijk z'n VIMEO PAGINA HIER: http://vimeo.com/surfsmooth/videos


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zondag, 15 september 2013 07:57


Style, style, style, Dino Tassara, showing us how its done. Stand Up Paddle Backside Helicopters

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donderdag, 12 september 2013 16:33

Starboard Promo Huntington Beach Pro 13'

Check out Sean Poynter, Zane Schweitzer, Connor Baxter, Justin holland as they get ready for the stand up world tour in Huntington beach, CA 2013.

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woensdag, 04 september 2013 00:00

SUP with Dolphins

Relax met de mooie beelden en muziek op deze video uit Australië, hier is het nog even wachten voor we terug wat golven kunnen verwachten.


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zondag, 01 september 2013 14:19

Manutea SUP in TAHITI

Weeral knappe beelden en actie van de F-One crew in Tahiti, enjoy...

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dinsdag, 27 augustus 2013 00:00

Von Piros Wave Machine

No waves no problem , grab a big boat and head offshore... Lots of fun heaps harder than it looks , but a great day out on the water. If anyone tells you Sups can't surf show them this. We got dragged in by a rope and let go , some of the footage looks fast but it's all real time nothing is speed up , average speed about 14 knots behind a 10 tonne 44 foot PLEYSIER game boat.

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