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maandag, 27 februari 2017 00:00

Wedstijden 2017

Tom heeft een overzicht gemaakt van alle wedstrijden voor het 2017 SUP seizoen.

Wij organiesren samen met Twins Club terug het BK wave, de voorziene waihing period is :  13-14/05 + 20-21/05 + 3-5/06

Binnenkort meer info oiver het 2017 BK WAVE

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dinsdag, 21 februari 2017 10:19


Mooie SUP beelden uit Noorwegen...

Å SKJELVE ( norwegian for „to shiver“ ) is a coldwater stand up paddle short documentary, that follows professional german athletes Lena Albrecht ( 2nd German Wave SUP Championship )
and Kai-Nicolas Steimer (1st German SUP Challenge, Overall ) on winterly roadtrip trough Norway.

Being surprised by the extreme coldness of Norway in January, they discover the beauty behind the nature and paddle spots that probably haven´t been paddled by anyone before.

Their Journey took them along the coast, where they catched icy waves, lead them to wild rivers and ended at the largest Glacier of Europe, the Jostedalsbreen. Hiking trough deep snow, they hoped to find a none frozen spot to paddle.

In the end they experienced what real coldness means and had an adventure they will never forget.

Shot & Directed by Maximilian Stolarow
Production Farb Film Fabrik
Sponsored by FANATIC

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vrijdag, 03 februari 2017 00:00

The front side top turn

Instructie video hoe je een "Top Turn" maakt, check it out...

The top turn is a manoeuvre that not only looks good but feels fantastic too. This week we are going to be looking at the frontside top turn, which on a good wave you will be likely to carry out several times on a wave. Performed directly after the bottom turn the top turn is designed to keep you close to the breaking section of the wave where there's more speed and power.

If you would like to see this video feature extended with more information visit SUPboarder Pro here https://www.supboardermag.com/pro/#ma...


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